New York improv team: Pluto


Your favorite underdog sorta planet is also your friendly improv team. Pluto is Sabrina, Ben, Kate, Jack, Liam, and Alex. They've been directed by Clara Morris and Ray Cordova. They've been performing shows around New York City at UCB, Annoyance, The PIT, The Creek and the Cave, and of course, the old Triple Crown for over two years. Pluto (under former name D.O.T.R.) won UCB's Indie Cage Match, participated in the 2015 DCM ICM tournament, and won Annoyance's Dog Fight. Pluto also performed in the 2016 Steel Stacks Improv Comedy Festival. Pluto hosted the monthly Creek Harold Night at the Creek and the Cave for a year and now hosts the Fake Forms Show every 2nd Sunday at 7 pm at The Creek and the Cave. Pluto would be thrilled to do your shows.